Interesting updates from the COgiTOR consortium

Started on June 1st, 2021, the COgiTOR project has recently celebrated its 18th month of implementation. In the frame of its 1st year and a half of activities, the consortium has achieved the following notable progresses:

1. A measurement system to assess the microwave impedance of colloids, up to 6 GHz and under DC stimulation, was created
2. A protocol for implementation of learning in colloid systems via a programmable propagation of conductive pathways was discovered
3. A liquid state reservoir computer, electrically programmable, was achieved
4. Thermomagnetic and photothermal energy converter models were designed, and enhanced photothermal conversion discovered in oleic acid-based TiN colloid
5. Several magnetic and infrared absorbing nanomaterials as well as ferrofluids with different susceptibility and pyromagnetic effects were developed and supplied
6. Self-healing soft skins for protecting the functional colloids were developed

Keep following us to be always updated on the progresses COgiTOR will achieve towards the development of pioneering cybernetic colloidal (liquid) systems capable of sensing, computing, data storage and energy harvesting, as well as being self-healing and fault tolerant.